We are Dansformation, a company committed to increasing dance engagement worldwide. We specialise in interactive art performance inclusively with whole communities, arts, music with visual and digital art. Dance is just the beginning of the conversation.IMG_1277

Everything moves, physics informs us of that fact. What happens when we move is we communicate our energy through our movement patterns and choices.IMG_0798Dansformation has enjoyed research into space with Kielder Observatory and motion capture with Edinburgh University. Whats happening in the world informs our practise, as does the participants in the work they create and the ideas they have are included in every element of the finished product. Right now in 2018 our work with young people is at the forefront of what we do and all-sorts of young people. We engage students in dance who need to be educated out of school, we work with many different young people who are in SEN education, supporting their creativity and ownership of creating youth authored performance work. We work in schools, educating children and young people with traditional Northumbrian dance and music, learning our cultural heritage, whilst producing projects to support older people in care situations through music and dance with children and young people. Our youth company gets fantastic reviews and creates lots of inspiring and original dance work in theatres and outdoors, performing in many festivals and events each year.


“The children and young people inspire me each day and every minute I work with them, they have so much creative energy and vibrant passion for moving boundaries and creating high quality work any professional would be proud of” Emma Dunn-Director Dansformation. 



We are small company with big ideas, working with all people in dance with very effective methods. Our work consists of offering a way of finding out about our own bodies and minds and how they work. With an established history of intimate working Emma Hardman reaches the outmost possibilities with all of her clients. From professional dancers, 3 year olds just starting out, young people in SEN settings and older dancers we support inclusive practise and offer a creative outlet through movement to all. We specialise in performance and each year participants and engagement numbers range from 2000 to 10,000 people. Our performances are of very high quality, bringing in the best specialists in the fields of Music, Film, Dance and Visual Arts. After 12 years of Dansformation we have engaged people with dance in so many ways over 50 outdoor performances, rural locations. IMG_1244Dansformation works throughout Northumberland and the North East of England, sometimes we get to travel to far away places. We work with professional dance companies, schools, colleges, nurseries, care homes, individuals and arts organisations.

We offer the best practise in dance and creativity. If you want children and young people to grow with confidence and take part in challenging work. Working as a specialist in the field of dance and movement for 25 years Emma Hardman creates a safe and exciting space to move and be moved. Forward thinking in educational practises and child-led pedagogy allow the young people to initiate and form highly valuable ideas which are always used in practise and often taken to Marketing, Funding, Choreographing a performance.


Our community is BIG, one of the largest counties in the UK, Northumberland is our home. We have built a large and diverse audience from Berwick to Newcastle and even in South Africa and Brazil. We support young people to grow and help them to realise their dreams, developing the skills they need for moving into their next adventures. We can work with over 200 bodies per week, the need now to engage in our landscape is huge for everyone and exploring and creating out of the box is what we do best. IMGP6248

Our work has taken us far and wide, our ethos throughout is that we engage and deliver to everyone and often in the most rich and diverse settings, from young people learning in an out of school environment with SEN to older people in later life residential care. Each person can dance, move and enjoy movement and get so much from the creative and community led activities we provide each year. We drive our projects forward from community need and work with voluntary and community organisations, theatres and arts organisations. Each one developing specific goals and legacies to allow them to take forward the work to new realms of possibilities.

The image below was taken by Alyce Burton, one of our young people working alongside the company, she now works for Tim Walker. We supported her development by bringing her into the creative team and allowing her confidence and creativity to flow. IMGP2703


Olympic torch 2012IMG_5801Honoured to have been invited to choreograph a piece of dance that depicts Northumberland for the grand Olympic Torch event at Alnwick Castle. The piece had 8 dancers and 50 musicians. Music score created by Alistair Anderson and performed with the Folkestra youth orchestra from the Sage. Lots of organisation and planning for such an event with many community activities around the region, working with Ivaldo Mendonca from Recife in North East Brazil, for a fine cultural collaboration.


Creating work to be performed at Durham Cathedral 2013, for the return of the Lindisfarne Gospels to the North. Such a beautiful space to work for a few days and so amazing to see the Gospels in Durham.

Northumbriana – Our touring piece of dance theatre, taking it to 15 different venues throughout the North, with 6 performing artists.  From Berwick to Cheshire. Throughout 2014. To great audiences and with audience participation in the form of a Ceilidh.


Kielder Observatory, summer solstice. With digital film, live music and dance we illuminated the observatory on the shortest night of the year. With a committed team of artists working through the night for an experience to remember, star gazing whilst performing.



The Hummingbird Project. 50 children and young people created a dark story of evil wizards, princesses, flying aerial fairies, wolves, jaguars and not forgetting the ice wizard. Original score specially commissioned by Ian Stephenson and created with all the participants ideas. A true success, performed at Alnwick Playhouse and Alnmouth Arts Festival in 2017 to sold out audiences.