The Lost Dances Archive

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In 2019 at Dance Dynamics we embarked on a two year project named The Lost Dances. With 30 young people from Dance Dynamics youth group, 30 students from Swansfield primary school, 20 young people from Barndale SEN school and over 20 residents at Abbeyfield care home all based in Alnwick itself.

In 2012 we had worked with a piece of music named The Lads of Alnwick’ a piece of music which has been in the folk musicians repertoire for some 300 years. A piece of brilliantly written triple time, 3/2 hornpipe music, from late 17th Century/Early 18th Century dances. We have danced and danced to this particular piece of music which its origins come from our own home town of Alnwick, here in Northumberland. A place that now boasts some of the finest folk musicians across the globe. So the notated music was passed down through generations and the manuscript had also been unearthed in the 1900’s. But, where was the dance, how was this piece danced in our home town when it was created for dance all those years ago?

So we have done a lot of research on this to find out!