All the Light

As the light begins to return to our world in the Northern lands, we understand and feel how our body needs rest. In understanding this and in practicing this is very different, to listen to our body enough to notice which parts needs rest. As neuro-diverse persons may need to allow the brain to rest and practice this which is not as simple as lying down. The practice of rest we understand is perhaps as complex as the practice of moving.

I look to nature to find my healing from the life that gets so utterly fragmented, I find peace and a kind of saturation within the forest

At home with the trees, a posthuman becoming.
Bell View Day Centre – Summer 2022.
Beginning to look back on 2022, what a wonderful and busy year it has been.

Developing Your Creative Practise is an Arts Council pot of funding for artists to work on their own and develop their own practises. Emma Hardman has been successful in the last round and is embarking on some new ideas to form an outdoor visual installation. The work with still have movement as a theme but in flying coloured fabric and light projections, coming to a beautiful space near you. There may even be the odd dancer in there somewhere.

First wind creation, boy have we had a lot of wind, seems like I chose the right thing to develop!!

Sessions are in the swing, dancing right through the summer and we managed to avoid very much rain. There is so much to offer within the sessions outside, the children are all thrilled with the amount of space they get to move in and out of, they all leave the session feeling so confident. We also have children’s sessions in Howick village hall on Wednesdays with fires and story telling, crafts and lots of dance and yoga, Thursdays you will find us at the newly refurbished Hindmarsh hall in Alnmouth, we are creating alsorts of new things for 2022 outdoor performances. Image is of our amazing outdoor performance of the Lost Dances, August 2021, we had 100’s of flags handmade by the children and aerial dance on our rig, alongside our new Maypole dance created by children at Swansfield school Alnwick and our New Dance for Northumberland created Joey Olivier and tested out here by some amazing families.

Milli and Betty get to work with Ballet Lorent, Spring 2021.