Our community is BIG, one of the largest counties in the UK, Northumberland is our home. We have built a large and diverse audience from Berwick to Newcastle and even in South Africa and Brazil. We support young people to grow and help them to realise their dreams, developing the skills they need for moving into their next adventures. We can work with over 200 bodies per week, the need now to engage in our landscape is huge for everyone and exploring and creating out of the box is what we do best. IMGP6248

Our work has taken us far and wide, our ethos throughout is that we engage and deliver to everyone and often in the most rich and diverse settings, from young people learning in an out of school environment with SEN to older people in later life residential care. Each person can dance, move and enjoy movement and get so much from the creative and community led activities we provide each year. We drive our projects forward from community need and work with voluntary and community organisations, theatres and arts organisations. Each one developing specific goals and legacies to allow them to take forward the work to new realms of possibilities.

The image below was taken by Alyce Burton, one of our young people working alongside the company, she now works for Tim Walker. We supported her development by bringing her into the creative team and allowing her confidence and creativity to flow. IMGP2703