Halloween Flashmob


Here attached in the links are our Fun Halloween Flashmob learn at home Videos!
Each video has the dance,  first in slow motion, then fast with music.
Number 1 – Time Warp – Super easy for anyone to do! And most of our Parents and Grandparents might have done this before?!
Number 2 – Thriller – This one is a bit more difficult – We are rehearsing this in the studio at Duchess school on a Wednesday after school.. come along and dance with us! Or learn it at home with a little more time.
Number 3 – Bunny Hop – This one is pretty easy to do too! Learn at Home.
Things to remember: 
Catherine is dancing the right way round rather than being your mirror, so,
Time Warp – Always starts with Right Arm up first
Thriller – Always starts with Left arm out front Right arm behind – facing Left side.
Bunny Hop – Lots of smiles and fun please!  and don’t forget to freeze in Rigor Mortis
Happy Dancing!!
 * Please if you intend to turn up at the event can you email me with your name and age,   Emma at  dansfomation@me.com and I will be able to keep check on numbers attending.
29th October – Dress rehearsal in Narrowgate, Alnwick, The newly pedestrianised street. – 3-5pm
31st October – Flashmob! 3.45-5pm  tbc. (I will email everyone exact time) – Place Narrowgate Alnwick!!! 
See you there and remember to dress scary for the occasion! 
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Emma – Dance Dynamic.


IMG_0731Writing about my movement experiences here will support and inform of work we are committed to, join in the conversation.

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul” Martha Graham.

So, if dance is the hidden language then through non-verbal communication we are having the most intricate conversations constantly without talking. I love to move and I love to support and guide others to find their movement pathways, finding an inner light of confidence in their own bodies. To express, in a way that may be impossible through a voice, their inner most feelings and desires.

I call my practise ‘authored’, I call myself a choreographer, although I almost just shape the bodies in time and space, the choreographers are yourselves. Journeying through reach and breath to find the solution and a way to speak. All I try and do is find a place so you can voice YOUR language, so it is not hidden, so that anyone can understand you.

I would like to make dance not a hidden language but simply a language that is always spoken, being conscious of what you say, is not enough. The health benefits of dance out way other forms of movement. Why? because it is an art, a practise that, reduces stress, extends muscles and ligaments, strengthens the core and is also highly creative. Solution finding, physically inquisitive, problem solving, discussing work, confidence building.