Halloween Flashmob


Here attached in the links are our Fun Halloween Flashmob learn at home Videos!
Each video has the dance,  first in slow motion, then fast with music.
Number 1 – Time Warp – Super easy for anyone to do! And most of our Parents and Grandparents might have done this before?!
Number 2 – Thriller – This one is a bit more difficult – We are rehearsing this in the studio at Duchess school on a Wednesday after school.. come along and dance with us! Or learn it at home with a little more time.
Number 3 – Bunny Hop – This one is pretty easy to do too! Learn at Home.
Things to remember: 
Catherine is dancing the right way round rather than being your mirror, so,
Time Warp – Always starts with Right Arm up first
Thriller – Always starts with Left arm out front Right arm behind – facing Left side.
Bunny Hop – Lots of smiles and fun please!  and don’t forget to freeze in Rigor Mortis
Happy Dancing!!
 * Please if you intend to turn up at the event can you email me with your name and age,   Emma at  dansfomation@me.com and I will be able to keep check on numbers attending.
29th October – Dress rehearsal in Narrowgate, Alnwick, The newly pedestrianised street. – 3-5pm
31st October – Flashmob! 3.45-5pm  tbc. (I will email everyone exact time) – Place Narrowgate Alnwick!!! 
See you there and remember to dress scary for the occasion! 
Check out our other projects on 
Emma – Dance Dynamic.

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